The Festival of Polenta

This year the 6th edition of the Festival della Polenta, takes on a special role, it takes place in the restaurants that offer, from October 3rd to 31st, the menu of the Festival della Polenta, Gold on the plate!
This is a special menu you can only find in restaurants and pizzerias in the Valle del Chiese and Giudicarie Centrali.
For example, we are talking about polenta carbonerapotato polenta, polenta macafana, polenta and venison, polenta and stew, polenta and char, polenta and snails but also pizza, pasta, desserts and baked products.
October is also the chestnut month and we like to use seasonal ingredients to create a unique dish, rich and abundant, prepared with special attention to the typical Trentino cuisine as well as to its final presentation. 
Enjoy the Polenta made with the delicious Storo flour in one of the restaurants that have an agreement with us

👉 Agritur La Polentera
👉 Hotel Aurora
👉 Hotel Condino
👉 Ristorante Malga Caino
👉 Rifugio Lupi di Toscana
👉 Borel Hotel
👉 Albergo Ginevra
👉 Affittacamere Miravalle
👉 Rifugio Pont'Arnò
👉 Abergo Serena
👉 Hotel Trento
👉 Ristorante pizzeria Alpino
👉 Hotel Milano
👉 Locanda Ridevert
👉 Ristorante pizzeria La Contea
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