#MILKLIFE ...a journey across the most genuine and authentic Trentino

Appointments and events linked to the world of milk and malga cheeses between the Lake Idro and the Brenta Dolomites.
You probably drink milk every day, but are you sure you know everything about it?

It’s the first thing you taste when you come into the world. Milk is life, food par excellence, with a lot of to know about.

Why not come to Valle del Chiese and discover all you need to know about milk and dairy products! Here, a soft block of butter is like a gold ingot, the Spressa cheese releases a mixed bouquet of scents, the ricotta cheese is as light as snowflakes and you’ll find a unique taste in the “formai da mont”, intense and long-lasting, no two cheeses are alike.


And then just bear in mind that all these products are good for your bones, they help you maintain a healthy weight, they keep you active and lively and they take good care of your heart! Recharge with proteins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin K.

But above all vitamin V: v like “Vita” (Life), in a territory where milk is life, it’s the protagonist you can experience through all your senses!

· discover how dairy products are produced in the malghe (shepherd’s huts) on the mountain pastures

· buy them in our top shops or directly from the farmers

· taste them in our restaurants

· enjoy the great events and taste them at #albetramontiinmalga in Valle del Chiese


Malghe Aperte 2018

In July and August the malghe in Valle del Chiese welcome many guests and visitors who wish to take part in the mountain farm life: from milking cows to the production of Trentino malga cheeses and maturing processes. In addition to this, families will be able to take part in Creative Workshops dedicated to kids.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the animals up close: cows, goats, horses, donkeys and farmyard animals.

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Dawns and Sunsets in a malga

Don’t miss this unique and exciting experience of watching the sun rise or set in a malga, while tasting typical local products, in an atmosphere of bygone times:

· Sunday 22 July > ALBA a Malga Nudole (Valdaone)

· Sunday 28 July - ALBA a Malga Alpo di Bondone (Bondone)

· Saturday 4 August – TRAMONTO a Malga Vacil (Storo)

· Sunday 5 August – ALBA a Malga Arnò (Sella Giudicarie)

· Wednesday 15 August – Dawn at Malga Baite (Pieve di Bono-Prezzo)

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Great events

· La Desmalgada, Sunday 9 September, Altopiano di Boniprati

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· Latte in Festa @MondoContadino, 22/23 September, Lago di Roncone

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· Polenta Festival, 29/30 September, Storo

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Guided Excursions

Walking around malghe Nova and Lavanech

Every Saturday in August (4/11/18/25) and Saturday 1 September – from 13.30 to 18.00

Experience daily life in Malga Nova with its goats and in Lavanech with its cows and get to taste their wonderful cheeses.

Shuttle bus transfers – price € 5.00. Booking needed (subject to availability) at the Consorzio Turistico 0465 901217 or at the InfoPoints in Praso, Nudole and Bissina.


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