The Giudicarie are located in the western-most part of the Trentino region, in the area surrounding the Brenta Group, stretching from the lake Idro to Madonna di Campiglio, and from the lake Molveno to Comano Terme, all the way to Ballino, facing Garda Lake.  Valle del Chiese, namely the valley of the Chiese river, covers 435 km2 of the Giudicarie area, which account for half of its entire surface. This immense area offers countless attractions that can satisfy every possible taste.

As many sports as there are tastes…

The Giudicarie valleys are rich in water, distributed throughout hundreds of lakes and smaller alpine pools, that make of this area a real fishing paradise in the heart of the region. However, fishing is not the only sport you can practice here: the Giudicarie territory offers a surprising abundance of galvanizing opportunities for adventure lovers, such as its countless, adrenaline-packed MTB routes that run through meadows, woods, and alpine pastures, through gravel roads and ancient military tracks dating back to World War I ‒ like the Giro dell’Orizzonte, for instance. Climbers and boulderers will not be disappointed either. 

Other sport opportunities include sky mountaineering, canyoning, and trekking, with countless itineraries through the wilderness of the National Park of the Adamello Brenta mountain group, its peaks and its mountain shelters. In this regard, there is a place that deserves a special mention: Val di Fumo, a wonderful alpine valley stretching at the feet of Caré Alto, which is known by many as “Trentino’s Canada”. 
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…and fun for families as well!

The Giudicarie area is an extremely family-friendly territory, with its numerous cycle paths and picnic meadows, where you can savour a great variety of tasty local products, such as the Spressa delle Giudicarie, a famous local cheese. Cultural itineraries are equally inviting: you can follow the traces left by World War I, visit the many castles scattered throughout the valleys, or discover the fascinating, century-old traditions of a territory that provides for a an open-air eco-museum.   

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