Valle del Chiese Ecomuseum

The Valle del Chiese Ecomuseum preserves the beauty and history surrounding the Chiese Valley. This organisation connects the rural past of this valley crossed by the Chiese River with its present and offers the Great War Ecomuseum.
This is where the Valle del Chiese Ecomuseum makes the past and present come alive through its themed exhibitions aimed at Memory and Art and Nature and Flavours.

Created to stimulate and help the inhabitants of the valley fine and preserve their own identity, today the Valle del Chiese Ecomuseum is also a laboratory where schools and tourists can enjoy active discovery, touching history and culture.

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Here are some of the visits offered by the Ecomuseum:

Some of the visits offered by the Ecomuseum:
- the fortifications of the Great War
 - noble residences and traditional houses
- hikes in the mountains for families and experts
- laboratories for children and adults



Valle del Chiese Ecomuseum - Porta del Trentino

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