Tonolo - Valbona


⏰ Duration: approx. 4 hours

📈 Elevation: 1200 m

📆 Recommended period: from January to March

❗ Difficulty: SE

👉 Crossroad to Tonolo (900 m)
👉 Tonolo (1450 m)
👉 Malga Capre (1660 m)
👉 Dosso delle Cavallarie (1806 m)
👉 Monte Castello (2018 m)
👉 Dosso delle Perpetue (2100 m)


From the village of Riccomassimo, head towards Bagolino; after about 2 km, on the right, there is the crossroads that leads to Tonolo. This is easily recognisable because there is a crucifix (about 900 m). If the road is not clean (it is only clean on the occasion of the gathering), you must park the car near this junction.

From the village of Tonolo (1450 m) you walk along the meadows up to the wood; from here, above the last barn, you turn left and follow the trail in the wood. You pass a hunting lodge ("Roccolo") and shortly afterwards you join the road that leads to Malga Capre (1660 m).

From Malga Capre, follow a small ridge towards northwest. When you reach the plain, keep slightly to the left and walk uphill along Dosso delle Cavallarie until you reach Dosso delle Perpetue (2100 m).

Return along the same route.

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