Ponte Arnò, Malga Maggiasone, Malga d'Arnò


⏰ Duration: approx. 3.30 hours

📈 Elevation: approx. 570 m uphill

📆 Recommended period: from December to the end of March

❗ Difficulty: E

👉 Ponte d’Arnò (1150 m)
👉 Malga Maggiasone (1716 m)
👉 Malga d’Arnò (1559 m)
👉 Ponte d’Arnò (1150 m)


Beautiful excursion, especially with snowshoes; stunning views worth seeing.

Drive up Val di Breguzzo to Ponte d'Arnò (1150 m). Leave the car near this point and continue on foot. At the first fork (follow the sign "Giro delle malghe"), go up the road on the left.

After about 30 minutes, at the fork with the sign Malga Maggiasone, follow this direction until the end of the flat road. Here, on the left, next to a board with information about the hut, the path begins, leading among spruces, silver firs and rare beeches to the foot of the "Cravatta" waterfall.

After crossing the stream, the path goes up through the woods and clearings, and after a few bends it leads to the pasture of Malga Maggiasone (1716 m). 

From the equipped area near the malga, walk westwards until you reach a small bridge over the stream. After the bridge, continue along the pasture, aiming at a group of larches that show the direction. The path, which is clearly visible, leads to the Roldone river in about 30 minutes; after about a hundred metres, you reach the road that leads to Malga d'Arnò (1559 m) on the right.

From here the road descends and in about 45 minutes you go back to the starting point (Ponte d'Arnò).
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