Cima Pissola


⏰ Duration: approx. 2 hours with skis or snowshoes

📈 Elevation: approx. 900 m uphill

📆 Recommended period: from December to March

❗ Difficulty: SE

👉 Boniprati (1172 m)
👉 Malga Table (1641 m)
👉 Cima Pissola (2063 m)


From the village of Creto, go uphill towards Prezzo, a small village on the orographic right bank of the Chiese River; from here, continue for four kilometres until you reach the Boniprati plateau (1172 m). Where the road turns left towards Castel Condino, park the car and walk uphill westwards; pass the road that leads to Malga Campello and continue towards Malga Table (1641 m).

Here you have two options: the first, more direct, is to walk uphill opposite the alpine hut and you will reach the pre-summit in 45 minutes, from which you can get to the Pissola peak (2063 m) in ten minutes along the scenic ridge. The second is to follow the path on the left towards Malga Bissolo (path n. 251) for 400 metres and then go uphill on the right. Walk gradually to the left towards a small hut and continue in a north-westerly direction. Here you pass through old larch trees, which give this route a majestic look.

The trail connects again with the other uphill route just before the pre-summit. The descent is always very rewarding, with both fresh and heavily trafficked snow. We can say that this trail is safe, easily recognisable - due to the many visits - and easy - as the ascent is not difficult at all- as well as satisfying, thanks to the breathtaking panorama you can enjoy at the top. From here the view extends from Adamello to Carè Alto, from the Brenta Dolomites to the Ledrensi Prealps with the Baldo mountain range in the background, to Monte Bruffione and Re di Castello.

The beautiful, smooth and easy descent is the happy conclusion of this excursion, which can be done with touring skis or snowshoes.

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