Campo Antico


⏰ Duration: approx. 3 hours

📈 Elevation: 800 m uphill

📆 Recommended period: from December to February 

❗ Difficulty: SE

👉 Le Sole (1400 m)
👉 Malga Lodranega (1658 m)
👉 Malga Campo Antico (1849 m)
👉 Monte Campo Antico (2138 m)


From Bondo or Breguzzo, go through the valley of Breguzzo to the village of Limes. After the hut bearing the same name, turn right towards the village of "Le Sole" (1400 m). 

After about 4 kilometres, where the climb ends and a flat stretch begins - there is also parking here - turn left into a small road. In about 1 hour you reach Malga Lodranega (1658 m).

From the alpine hut, continue on a steep mule track that becomes narrower and leads to Malga Campo Antico (1849 m). The climb continues in a north-westerly direction until the last ridge that leads to the peak. From here the view extends from Carè Alto to the Brenta Dolomites.

The descent can be made along the same path or directly through the forest at Malga Campo Antico without passing by Malga Lodranega.

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