Malga Serodine


⏰ Duration: 2:30 hours

📈 Elevation: 650 m

📆 Recommended period: from December on

❗ Difficulty: none

👉 Madonna del Rosario (1442 m)
👉 Ponte delle Seghe (1107 m)
👉 Malga Serodine (1708 m)


From Storo, head towards Faserno and leave the car just before the landslide. Continuing along the road "Al Sole" you reach the Colonia di Faserno; from Madonna del Rosario take the old road past Tanoce, towards Ponte delle Seghe.

After crossing the first bridge, follow the road westwards and just before the second bridge, turn right towards the wild Val Sorino.

At the end of the road, continue towards the trail that leads to Serodine (about 20 minutes).

From Malga Serodine, return along the same route.

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