Malga Baite and Belvedere


⏰ Duration: approx. 1:30 hours

📈 Elevation: approx. 450 m

📆 Recommended period: all year round

❗ Difficulty: E

👉 Boniprati (1172 m)
👉 Malga Campello (1451 m)


From the plateau of Boniprati (1172 m) there is an easier route compared to the climb up to Pissola peak that offers the same amazing views. Follow the old road leading to Malga Baite. This goes steeply uphill through the forest and in about 40 minutes you reach the above-mentioned alpine hut, which is also called Malga Campello (1451 m). From here, continue along the forest road, first flat and then slightly downhill, until it widens.

Here the path diverges to the right: indications on a stone and pink poles mark the route leading into the woods then gradually descending to the viewpoint (tunnels dug into the rocks by Italian soldiers during the First World War and viewpoint overlooking Val di Daone and b).

Continuing to the right, you reach a small road; follow it for about three hundred metres until you see a path on the left that leads into the woods (signpost). Follow it for about ten minutes until you are near a house.

Here a small road begins and takes us to the village of "Ola"; as soon as you reach the larger road, follow it to the right (south), back to the starting point. This walk is highly recommended, also in summer, it is easy and offers beautiful views.

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