Dos de Laven


⏰ Duration: approx. 2 hours with skis, approx. 2:45 hours with snowshoes

📈 Elevation: 600 m uphill

📆 Recommended period: from December to March

❗ Difficulty: SE for skiers, none for hikers with snowshoes

👉 Brione (896 m)
👉 Dos de Laven (1885 m)


Suitable for both snowshoeing and alpine ski touring. After the village of Brione (896 m), follow the road that turns left towards Dos le Rocche (2167 m); after about 3 km, at a crossroads, turn left towards Malmarone.

Park the car where the snow begins and follow the road until it flattens out after a bridge. Here you turn right into a private road with a barrier; after the barns, keep to the left of the last house and continue into the woods.

Go through it and you will reach another meadow; here, go up on the left until you cross a road; continue to the left until you reach a pasture with a stream; here, at the first road you cross, turn right and then, after a few metres, turn left on a path. As soon as you leave the forest, you will see a pasture, at the end of which you go along the ridge that shortly takes you to the top of Dos de Laven (1885 m).

For the descent

Once at the foot of the ridge, return to the small pasture you crossed during the climb. You are now on a small extension. Leaving the climb on your right, enter the woods and follow the trail.

Once you have reached the pasture you passed on the way up, the descent now continues along the same path to the car. In heavy snowfall, the road leading to Dos le Rocche is inaccessible. You can still go up a mule track that crosses the so-called "Via da le Scaie" road , starting from the first bend above the village.

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