Cima Tombea


⏰ Duration: approx. 6 hours return trip

📈 Elevation: approx. 900 m gain (depending on where you park the car)

📆 Recommended period: beginning of winter until end of February. On the Cablone Pass, the snow remains until spring, as it is exposed to the north; on the other hand, beyond the pass, the snow does not remain for long, as the height is lower and it is exposed to the south.

❗ Difficulty: E, If you want to reach the summit, be aware that due to the southern exposure it is often very windy and the snow can be frozen.

👉 Piana de Fraì (1100 m)
👉 Località Alpo (1500 m)
👉 Passo Cablone (1755 m)
👉 Cima Tombea (1950 m)


Take provincial road no. 69 that leads to the village of Bondone; after the village, continue on the paved road until the snow allows you. Normally you can get to a flat stretch (Piana de Fraì 1100 m approx.).

Park the car along the road and start walking. In 45 minutes you reach the village of Alpo (1500 m). At the crossroads, continue walking on the right and follow the signs for path no. 444 towards Cima Caplone-Tremalzo.

After about 700 metres the road turns sharply to the right, continue walking uphill on the path; ignore the left road downhill with a barrier. After a small hill, cross the road again and walk along it to the end. The road becomes a military road; After a few hairpin bends, you arrive at Cablone pass in 40 minutes (1755 m). After leaving the pass, turn left along the road that climbs from Valvestino and, after about 45 minutes along a flat stretch, reaches Malga Tombea.

Immediately behind the hut, a military road leads to the wind rose, which is located directly on the top of Cima Tombea (1950 m). Alternatively, to reach the summit, you can walk up along the ridge. You start just before the hut from a pass above the road. You walk through a small tunnel almost at the summit and continue until you reach the wind rose, which is clearly visible from a distance.

Return along the same route.

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