Bondon - Frain


⏰ Duration: 2 hours ascent and 1:30 hours descent

📈 Elevation: 600 m uphill

📆 Recommended period: from January to March

❗ Difficulty: E

👉 Località Danà (990 m)
👉 Malga Frain (1588 m)

NOTE: The route is extremely varied and charming, especially in the upper part, where you cross larch and spruce woods. Here you also reach the famous barns of Bondon di Sopra, which look even more special and enchanted with the snow.


Start from the village of Danà (990 m), which can be reached in 5 minutes by car from Roncone. From here, follow the road to the Miramonti restaurant (La Pozza) until you reach the village of Bondon di Sopra (1318 m); at a small wayside shrine, leave the road (it bends and continues eastwards) and follow the path westwards.

In a few minutes you come to a treeless hollow called "Spazade"; continuing west, the path becomes steeper; just above, at a small wooden shelter with tourist signs (1440 m), the route joins the military road again (this continues to Malga Avalina); go west and after a few hundred metres the slope decreases and you are at the point where the scree coming from Cicla ends (ski mountaineers love this route); continue westwards through Frain valley until you reach the foot of Cengol dal Sal (particular rocky outcrop that dominates the whole Val di Bondon).

Here the path begins to climb again; you move to the right and behind a few larches you find the ruins of Malga Fraino (1588 m).

We recommend stopping here and returning down to the valley along the same path.

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