Ice climbing

The Daone Valley is one of the greatest locations for climbing on frozen waterfalls. One of these magical locations is even more mysterious, located at the foot of the Adamella and surrounded by a cluster of high mountains.
This valley has a special explorational history (in Alpine terms, obviously). It is a purely winter story, on the ice of the waterfalls and in the shade of the ephemeral ice architecture.

It is a world all to itself, in a silent, cold, deserted and basic environment whose coordinates are very different from those used to get to know the same locations in the summer. It is a small universe made up of kaleidoscopic colours and the gleaming of a myriad of frozen flows.
In a variegated panorama of ice axes, crampons and climbing nails, ice climbing adepts seek out vertical ascents on the waterfalls that lie hidden between the rocks and the deep pine forests of the side valleys embedded in the recesses of the mountain.


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