Dry tooling

Those who want to try confronting partially icy and rocky walls with ice axes and crampons should practice dry tooling.

Adrenaline rises when seeking to reach narrow pockets of ice suspended in mid-air where skill is the star and where you are hanging on a few square millimetres of steel resting on small plugs of rock or stuck in natural cracks and holes.

The development of a sense of balance and concentration are fundamental elements that let you face ice tracts and rocky areas: all of this is possible thanks to mind and body coordination.

There is great satisfaction in managing to conquer that piece of icy cliff where your body is hanging in mid-air, attached only to the sharp point of an ice axe.


Ski mountaineering-drytooling itinerary across the Aperta Valley (Condino).

Head from Piazza San Rocco in Condino to Brione and from here follow the sign "Planezzo". The road here has various crossroads, but keep following the signs for Aperta Valley.
Based on the amount of snow, decide whether to continue by car.  After parking, continue ski mountaineering to Aperta Valley (about 2 hours from the last intersection).
When near Casina delle Pere, cross the bridge and go to the base of the wall (PELO NERO)
 Returning is a nice ski run along the road.
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