Winter Outdoor

Enjoy nature in its winter guise...
The Valle del Chiese welcomes its guests while dressed in white, offering many invitations for those who like to experience winter at its fullest.

In this hushed atmosphere
, the snow is the true star, enhancing the suggestive areas of this territory. Forests, rocks, lakes and rivers dot the white mantle, creating a landscape that is completely different from the summer. There are moments to enjoy with family or friends skiing or with snowshoes, then ending the day enjoying the evening in a warm lodge, tasting traditional Trentino products and warming up with a glass of grappa.

But sports are also the star, both competitive and amateur, practiced in complete tranquillity enjoying the surrounding area.  Besides skiing, another growing sport is snowshoeing. Snowshoes are the best tool to use for slow enjoyment of nature in winter, respecting the environment and discovering suggestive paths through the forests, appreciating the rural aspects of this region even during the winter.

And then, there are the exciting ice climbs on the 140 waterfalls in the Daone Valley and, for children and beginners there is the ski run at Bolbeno with the main trail and one dedicated to young children, "Bolbenolandia", where children can learn alpine skiing techniques in complete safety.
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