Via ferrata

An exciting path....suspended over Lake Idro!


 Ferrata Sasse is located on Lake Idro and connects the Baitoni and Vesta boat docks. The first is in the province of Trento and the other in the Brescia area. It is a path above the surface of the water that unites two provinces and, at the same time, two regions.


The path starts from the Vesta beach in the Brescia part or from Camerelle port in the Trentino part. In practice, departures are at the respective boat moorings.
The total length is 4700 metres (including access paths).
The length of the via ferrata is 2400 metres.
The maximum height change is 94 meters
Time traversing the access path: 40 minutes
Time traversing the via ferrata: 2 hours and 40 minutes
Naturally, the times given are considering traversing calmly and safely with the mandatory equipment: harness, via ferrata ropes and helmet.
There are three marked emergency exits along the path that go ashore of the lake.
Returning to the starting point:
Backwards along the via ferrata
Along the smugglers' trail: 1 hour 40 minutes
By boat service: 15 minutes, naturally during the summer months.

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