discovering the Valle del Chiese mountain on foot
Do you like going for walks in Trentino or trekking in the Adamello Brenta Park?

If the answer is yes, we’ve got the right trekking experience for you: across the Adamello, and much more! 


Adamello Brenta Trekking is certainly one of the best ways to discover the mountains and to feel at one with nature.

If you are a trekking enthusiast you can’t miss the wonderful trails in Valle del Chiese, across Valle di Daone and Val di Fumo.


If you love exploring, then Valle del Chiese is the place for you. You can choose from the many excursions on the Adamello and walks in Trentino, which boast breathtaking landscapes, in particular those on the Lake Idro. 

Why not try a 7-day EXCURSION with an alpine guides visiting the malghe (alpine farmsteads) and crystal clear lakes? Find out more here:

Valle del Chiese: charming wilderness 


There are many trails in Trentino, safe and well marked. In Valle del Chiese they run across the entire area and are suitable for all levels. 

You’ll be spoilt for choice: amongst the many trails you can find Malga Bissina, Diga di Bissina and Lago d’Idro.

There are routes for those who just want to go for a relaxing stroll and tough trails for experienced trekkers who want a challenge. 

The Alpine and trail guides are there to help you choose safe and interesting excursions in the Parco Adamello Brenta Park

What are you waiting for? Have a look at our interactive map and choose the best trail for you!
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