1109-Avalina Trail

Valle del Chiese
Valle del Chiese, i.e. the valley of the Chiese river, is divided into two, very different sides: the Eastern one is secluded and shaded, with its woods and crystal-clear waters of Lago di Ledro, its arduous tracks and limited height, offering only a few glimpses of the Adamello massif.
The Western side, however, is a whole different world: the Southern slope of the Adamello massif is much more accessible and allows you to climb higher up, over the tree line, to enjoy breath-taking views of the Dolomiti del Brenta to the North, and, looking towards the Garda LakeTremalzo and the peak of Monte Baldo. This tour to Malga Avalina is just as appealing as the Giro dell’Orizzonte.


The trailhead is in Roncone, a small town located in the northernmost area of the valley.
It starts off on a steep paved road climbing uphill through the Valle di Bondone. Once it reaches Malga Bondone, the road is replaced by a short gravel track leading to an old military trail, gently leading further uphill.
The wild brook called Rio Valino crosses this trail thrice, and, in time, it has rolled some big rocks onshore, obstructing the way and forcing travellers to dismount and pull their bikes through.

Once you reach the tree line, at an elevation of approximately 1,700 metres, a narrow trail leads you through an untamed and rocky landscape, offering a magnificent view of the surroundings. Here the old military trail is in a state of neglect and passage is made even harder by various rocks that slid down the mountain side during stormy, windy days. Soon, however, the track should be cleared and a proper cycle path should replace it.

At 1,970 metres of height, right upon reaching Malga Avalina, you may take a detour to Malga Stablo Fresco, located slightly higher up, at an elevation of 2,078 metres. The track is quite steep, but the view you can enjoy from here is worth the effort, and the panoramic position of the pasture makes it the perfect spot for a simple but tasty snack. Making your way back to Malga Avalina you will find more amazing views worth of a camera shot.

Continuing downhill, you will find yourself on a wide and levelled path, but make sure you keep your eyes on your GPS, because a very sharp turn awaits, leading onto a wood track full of challenges ‒ a narrow passage, two brook crossings, and, towards the end, after a smooth stretch, a short but arduous uphill slope where you may want to dismount and walk for approximately 50 metres.
It is now time to ride back downhill, on partly paved and partly gravel ground, all the way to Roncone, where a delicious cappuccino awaits you at the Genzianella Hotel.

This tour requires average shape and steering skills. Note that the selfsame itinerary may be rode backwards as well
Author: Uli Stanciu


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