1108-Giro delle malghe

Valle del Chiese
The Malghe Tour in the valley of the river Chiese is not less fascinating than our flagship tour, i.e. the Giro dell’Orizzonte, as it shares with the latter the breathtaking stretch that runs between Passo Brealone and Passo Bruffione ‒ although here you will ride in the opposite direction. 
However, the two tours are otherwise so very different, that you are strongly suggested to try both of them. The Malghe Tour will take you through some of the most charming pastures of the Alps: Malga SerolloMalga BondoloMalga ClefMalga Table, all the way to the mountain hut, or Rifugio, "Lupi di Toscana", where you may enjoy a well-deserved break and a snack.


The trailhead is located in Condino, in the town main square, where you can enjoy a mouth-watering capuccino in the shade of the church on your way back.

The tour starts off on a winding old track that takes you all the way up to Brione. Here, the trail continues uphill on paved ground towards Malga Serollo, where asphalt is replaced by gravel again.
When you reach a fork, make sure you take the right turn and keep your eyes on the trail, as it almost disappears into high grass. Follow the old military track dating back to World War I that will lead you uphill to Passo Brealone. This easy stretch offers you enchanting glimpses of wild and unspoilt nature, with its wide and steep meadows scattered here and there with lonely larches.

As it approaches Passo Brealone, the trail becomes bumpier and you may find your way blocked by pits and rocks laying on the ground, forcing you to dismount and push your bike through. Soon enough, however, the trail clears, once again resembling its original status, back when soldiers used it to climb to the pass, carrying their assault rifles and ammunitions. Today, however, the place is quiet and almost deserted

The breathtaking stretch that runs between Passo Brealone and Passo Bruffione offers you two kilometres of pure flow-trail ride at 2,000 metres of height, gazing upon the amazing landscape of the Adamello massif. After Passo Bruffione the military trail continues downhill all the way to Malga Bondolo. A quick uphill ride to Sella di Bondolo and you will find yourself on a charming little track, winding its way gently through the meadows and leading to Malga Clef.

Almost every malga you reach during this tour allows you to taste and purchase exquisite mountain cheese. A gravel road connects Malga Clef to Malga Table and, continuing downhill, joins a paved road leading to the Boniprati plateau. Here you can catch your breath and enjoy a little brake at the rifugio “Lupi di Toscana” (a mountain hut named after an Italian battalion that fought in World War I). Following the narrow paved road downhill you will eventually reach Condino and your much anticipated cappuccino.

The Giro delle Malghe is 55 km long and covers 2,157 metres of height difference: a marathon-like ride for very fit bikers only. If you are riding an eMTB, make sure that you bring along a spare battery.  Otherwise, all you need is good steering skills and you are good to go and enjoy the ride. 
Author: Uli Stanciu


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