1106-Giro dei Funamboli

Valle del Chiese
Giro dei Funamboli, i.e. High-wire Tour, is definitely the right definition for this amazing new tour in Valle del Chiese, running through the enchanting and secluded forest that lies between the two mountain passes Passo Giovo and Passo di Rango, and the charming mountain-top church devoted to Saint Lawrence, named “Chiesa di San Lorenzo”.
Such an easy, single-trail cycle itinerary stretching through the Alps for a total of 6 km is truly unique.

We chose to call it High-wire Tour because of the size of the cycle path: throughout the entire itinerary, and especially on the stretch between Passo di Rango and Passo Giovo, the track is so narrow that your front wheel seems to move on a thin rope emerging from high grass.

This track is smooth and obstacle-free, thus offering a perfect cycling experience. If you suffer from a fear of height, however, this tour is not recommended: there are stretches of trail running alongside very steep slopes of meadows or wood, which require a good level of control over your handlebars.


The trailhead is located in the town of Cologna, and more specifically in the parking lot of the tourist office on the main road leading through Valle del Chiese. The tour begins on the beautiful cycle path through Valle del Chiese. Upon approaching Cimego, the path comes to a fork, where a left-hand turn would take you to a gravel road running uphill in the direction of Passo Giovo through Valle di Ledro.

The High-wire Tour, however, continues in the other direction, following the right-hand path to Passo di Rango. You will ride almost constantly on flat land, with the exception of a steep slope climbing uphill towards the middle and a gentle downhill slope towards the end. A perfect flowtrail for skilled and expert bikers. 

Once you reach the pass, a gravel road will take you uphill and on to your next challenge: a bumpy route crossing the main gravel road to Rango ‒which you can also follow instead. At the bottom, a narrow paved way leads you to the sunny plateau of Rango and its breathtaking view on the valley of the Chiese river. 

Once you reach the little town of Rango you will have to leave the main road and ride into town. 
For a moment it will look like riding on private property, but a slight turn will reveal a weathered road sign standing on a little meadow bordering the wood: that is where the road to the church of San Lorenzo begins.
From here on the rest of the tour is pure delight: a steep and narrow, leaf-paved road leads you through a beech wood scattered with smooth rocks that you will have to circumvent. An ambitious yet technically feasible itinerary. 

From the little church, concealed by the trees, a line of walls runs along a winding path, that crosses a cleft and then leads to the valley of the Chiese river, where the cycle path will lead you back to Cologna.
Overall, the tour’s difficulty level is quite average, but the experience of riding on it is unforgettable. Strongly recommended. 
Author: Uli Stanciu


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