At the end of February there is one particular day that sees the population increase on the lakes and streams in the still cold winter mornings. This is the day when fishing season opens and calls to the many enthusiasts of this ancient discipline. Once practiced out of necessity, now it is a way to relax and enjoy nature.  .

For those who love this sport, the Valle del Chiese is a unique attraction. Along the paths that climb the banks of a stream, in narrow ravines that seem to be canyons, during bright mornings with the sun reflecting off still water, people armed with angling gear and patience, lulled by the sound of the water as it slides between the rocks, rest their mind and forget their daily worries as they wait for their prey. 

There are also quiet, comfortable lakes where even those who are unfamiliar with fishing wire and bobbers can enjoy attempting the "adventure of fishing" in complete relaxation.

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