Where man faces the immensity of the mountain
Free climbing is a sport where man measures himself through tactile references with small crevices, tiny footholds and small supporting fragments. The natural gym in Storo and Baitoni and the equipped wall for climbing at the giant Bissina Dam barricade offer excellent opportunities.


The climbing area on the Bissina Dam is a unique structure in the Eastern Alps and one of only a few in Europe. Located 1800 meters high, it is ideal for climbing in the summer.
The artificial climbing wall at the Bissina Dam is focused on the central bastion of the dam where the three climbing areas were created.
It is the only structure of its kind in this part of the Alps and has everything needed to meet the needs and expectations of experienced athletes, enthusiasts and novices in free climbing, the sport where energy and gesture mastery, risk and challenge are the inevitable ingredients.
The large, fenced in area below it was set up for hospitality, relaxation and rest. The structure has a convenient parking area before reaching the equipped area.
The most accessible part is along the outer buttress, at a 65° angle. Here there are eight medium/low difficulty climbs (4°/5°) for novices and children.  The height in this area is 25 metres.
Another medium difficulty area is set up on the inner wall of the buttress. There are 4 courses, 25 m high with a difficulty between 5c and 6A. There there is the area reserved for the medium/high difficulty.
The walls reach 40 m. high. Climbing along this vertical wall will give that feeling of hanging in mid-air that can't be found in any other artificial wall.
The difficulties vary from 5C to 6B.
The courses are divided into two lengths with a break on ledges. This way all the rope manoeuvres can be learned.
Returning to the ground must be done by rappelling.
The anchors planted in the wall are in conformity with European standard EN 12572: the close range allows climbing in complete safety. The wall has 3000 grips in different colours; each colour identifies a path.


Rock Gym Corna del Vescof- Storo
"Corna del Vescof" comes from the shape of a bishop, which the rock (corna) where the gym is located resembles when looking at it from a certain distance.
There are 10 routes on the cliff and a "rock-school" wall for young climbers, but there are many possibilities for opening new routes or proceeding with some of the already equipped ones. It is up to you to take a crack at it.
Given its exposure, it can be visited throughout the year. During the winter, the afternoon is best while in the summer it is cooler in the morning and in the afternoon you can get a tan.
It should be noted that there is no water near the gym.


This is a cliff with 7 marked routes ranging from 5a to 6c; the easiest are to the left and the most difficult to the right. (starting from the left 5a – 5b – 5c -6a -6a - 6b – 6c/7a) .
It is a vertical calcareous rock with holes and cutouts. With western exposure, it is well-equipped with resined stainless steel and all of the stops have a carabiner. Parking is in the lake area


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