A Natural Climbing Gym In Val Di Daone
Bouldering enthusiasts in the region of Trentino are rarely unfamiliar with the problem set that is known by now as Val Daone Boulder

Also known as simply Daone Boulder, this rock formation in Val Daone is a perfect natural climbing gym

Its huge rocks offer boulderers every kind of challenge, with multiple problems of various difficulty levels. 
This young, yet increasingly popular discipline sees many climbing enthusiasts gather in Val Daone every year. 
Furthermore, once you conquer the chosen bouldering problem, you may enjoy a well-deserved rest in one of the various picnic areas scattered through the beautiful meadows of the valley.


With its hundreds of rocks sparsely lying on the ground, Val di Daone is a natural outdoor climbing gym perfect for bouldering, a specific kind of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations without the use of ropes or harnesses.  

Bouldering is an increasingly popular discipline that sees a growing number of athletes challenge each other to conquer stone giants of various sizes. There are over 600 boulders in this valley that provide for accessible problems of different grades. 

The Val Daone Boulder Park offers a splendid opportunity to bouldering enthusiasts of all ages, whose number is steadily growing throughout Europe. Individual problems are assigned ratings based on difficulty and routes are clearly signalled, so that indoor climbers, and even absolute beginners, can enjoy their climb in all safety.
Come and visit the Daone Boulder Park: here you can enjoy some relaxing outdoor time, away from the hassle of everyday life, that will boost your spirit and benefit your body.   
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Find out more at: Daone Climbing

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