Castel Condino

Castel Condino is a small village situated in Valle del Chiese, between the valley floor and the high plateau of Boniprati. It has historical roots, proven by the discovery of tombs and money from Roman times.

History and culture

Castell Condino’s must-sees are the small church of San Giorgio, dating back to 1283 and the small church dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, known to locals as the “Church of the Dead”, built in homage to the victims of the 1630 plague epidemic. Castel Condino’s history is intertwined with the history of the Great War, when Valle del Chiese was crossed by a painful wound: the front between the Italian army in the south and the Austro-Hungarian soldiers to the north.
Castel Condino was right in the middle, and so the people were evacuated and the village was destroyed.

Environment and nature

Follow the mountain road out of Castel Condino, climbing for five kilometres to reach the Boniprati plateau. From here you can leave on several summer and winter hikes: Cima Pissola, Monte Remà, Monte Bruffione, passing the mountain huts Campello, Table, Clevet, Maresse, Clef, Cleabà and Bondolo. 
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