The Municipality of Bondone lies where the Chiese river flows into the Idro Lake, on the south-western strip of Trentino. It includes the villages of Bondone and Baitoni. A cycle path runs close to the lake biotope and unveils the particular natural habitat of the Idro. High above the village, you can see the peaks and pastures of Alpo mountain and Cima Tombea, the highest peak, covered in the summer by countless species of flowers. On clear days, you can enjoy a jaw-dropping view of the Dolomites, the Lake Garda, the Padana Plain and the far away Apennines.

San Giovanni Castle, now owned by the Municipality and open to the public, provides stunning views of the Valley and the Lake. You shouldn’t miss the exciting Ferrata Sasse on the Idro Lake: a path running just above the surface of the water and connecting the Baitoni (in the province of Trento) and the Vesta (in the province of Brescia) boat docks.


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Bondone is the southernmost municipality of Valle del Chiese, at the farthest south-western edge of Trentino. Perched on the mountain that separates the River Chiese basin from the Lake Garda basin at 720 metres above sea level, Bondone is located in an area with many walking and hiking trails. 

History and culture

Bondone was once a village of charcoal makers. In spring they used to leave the village for the woods, where they hammered down a hut made of woods and leaves and began to work: they cut wood and started to “carbonà”, to make charcoal. The road that goes from Baitoni to Bondone passes alongside the natural bastion on which the Castle of San Giovanni was built, owned for centuries by the powerful Lodron family of counts, but now municipally-owned and open to the public. In Bondone, it is well worth visiting the fourteenth-century church of the Nativity.

Environment and nature

Cycling enthusiasts will enjoy the cycle path along Lake Idro, while those who prefer walking can go beyond Bondone to reach Alpo, where there are mountain huts. The nearby peak Cima Tombea (1947 masl) is known as “the garden on the Alps” due to the many native species of flowers, around 21 species, that make it a site of interest for scientists from around the world. From up here, if you’re lucky, you might see a couple of golden eagles in flight, while the view reaches down to Lake Garda and the Po Valley on a clear day.

(Altitude 720 masl; sur. 19.17 sq. km) 

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Lying on the shores of Lake Idro, Baitoni is in the Municipality of Bondone.

History and culture

Baitoni has been inhabited from the middle of the XIX century, when the marshy plain at the mouths of the rivers Chiese and Caffaro was dried up. Its name comes from the “baite” (hut) that the inhabitants of Bondone built on the plain below the village, to provide a comfortable base when working in the fields and farming livestock.

Environment and nature

Baitoni was built as an agricultural village, with farmhouses that were set closely together in two groups: Baitoni Superior and Inferior. The first is arranged spectacularly in a cascade, with the oldest part in the highest area, while the second group is gathered around the church tower. Behind it are the mountain slopes along which winds the path that goes up to Bondone, the old path that once linked the two villages.

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