Nature at its most authentic and wild
With its approximately 30 kilometres of lush and wild nature, Fumo Valley is one of the most fascinating Trentino valleys.

With these characteristics and as part of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, this extension of the Daone Valley towards the Adamello group hosts a large number of Trentino excursions and Fumo Valley itineraries.

It is crowned by the hanging glaciers connected to the great Lobbia glacier (Genova Valley), which spawns the Chiese River. The river crosses through the unspoiled, natural environment, among stunning rhododendron bushes.

Right nearby is the Fumo Valley Refuge, which opened to the public in 1960. It overlooks the Fumo Valley meadow and in the beginning of summer transforms into a fabulous flower garden.

Towards the south, the eye is drawn to the Bissina Dam and then gets lost in the slopes of the Monte Re di Castello and the wooded slopes above the Boazzo Alpine Meadow and the Daone Valley. Toward the north, the eye is drawn to the typical U shape that portrays the glacial origins of the Fumo Valley and the Levade Basin. Protecting its sides are the tonalitic rock "coster cliffs", with their countless jagged teeth.

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