Val di Breguzzo

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Val di Breguzzo is one of the major side valleys in the lower Giudicarie area within the Adamello Brenta National Park. It lies in the water basin of the Sarca river, along the course of Sarca’s right tributary Arnò, which results from the confluence of two minor streams called Arnò and Roldòne. The valley is surronded by a crown of beautiful peaks belonging to the Adamello Group, and, more specifically, the Breguzzo Sub-Group. 


Val d’Arnò is the main side valley of Val di Breguzzo, stretching along the course of the Roldòne stream. Its alpine landscape is scattered with gurgling waterfalls and comprises the two mountain pastures of Arnò and Maggiasone. The latter lies at the feet of Passo del Frate (2.246 m of height), a mountain pass connecting the two valleys of Valbona and Val Daone. On the other side, Passo d’Arnò overlooks Val Danerba. 


From the town of Breguzzo follow the road leading uphill to the narrow Sasèl passage, all the way up to Rifugio Limes (mountain lodge). Here the road climbing to the right leads to the meadows of Malga Sole, at the feet of Monte Cengledino, overlooking the town of Tione. After Rifugio Pont’Arnò the valley becomes wider and stretches all the way to the alpine pastures of Malga Stablei and Malga Acquaforte (1.371 m), next to a mineral spring, finally reaching Malga Trivena (1.630 m).

The Adventure Park of Val di Breguzzo

Also known as Breg Adventure Park, this area in the heart of Val di Breguzzo offers a wide range of exciting, yet very safe, activities, including ability tracks, breathtaking zip lines, boardwalks, and suspension bridges hanging between trees. 
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