Val di Breguzzo

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Val di Breguzzo is one of the largest side valleys of the lower Giudicarie in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, it belongs to the Sarca river basin and is crossed by the Arnò torrent, its right tributary, which in the upper part is divided into two distinct courses: the Arnò and the Roldòne. The sequence of crystalline peaks along its borders belongs to the Adamello-Group, Subgroup of Breguzzo.

The environment

Val d'Arnò is the main side valley of Val Breguzzo. Crossed by the Roldòne torrent, it features an alpine landscape with a series of waterfalls and the mountain pastures of Arnò and Maggiasone. Above Alpe Maggiasone, the Passo del Frate (2246 m) connects it with Valbona and Val Daòne. Over the Passo d'Arnò you go down to Val Danèrba. 

How to get here

From the village of Breguzzo you go up through Sasèl to the Limes hut; from the hut a road on the right goes up to the meadows at Malga Sole, on the slopes of Monte Cengledino, from where you can descend towards Tione. After the Pont'Arnò hut the valley opens up and continues to Malga Stablei and Malga Acquaforte (1371 m), nearby there is a mineral spring, and finally Malga Trivena (1630 m).

Val di Breguzzo Adventure Park

In the heart of the valley you can also find the Breg Adventure Park, an adventure park in Trentino offering excitement and great fun in complete safety, thanks to skill trails, breathtaking cableways, footbridges and Tibetan bridges connecting one tree to another.

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