a small but exciting lake
Lake Roncone, along with Lake Idro is one of the most well-known Pre-Alpine lakes in Valle del Chiese.

This Alpine lake nestled among meadows and beech forests can be discovered via an outstanding trail and is totally immersed in nature. For both lovers, there is also a bike trail that follows its coast.

For families

Lake Roncone allows well-rounded family holidays. The lake offers many activities, from mini-golf to tennis, including a recreation ground and various rest areas and picnic areas. Its wooden docks also host many fishermen.

A race on the lake: lake districts

Around mid-August, the waters of Lake Roncone host one of the most important events in the city of Roncone: the Lake Districts race. A challenge "to the last oar" that involves the 7 historic districts of the town.

Baroque in Chiese

Roncone is also home to the church of Saint Stephen where art lovers can admire its organ and excellent wooden art work by local carver, Giovan Battista Polana.
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