Daone Valley

An outdoor gym
The Daone Valley, which gets its name from the city of Daone, extends over 30 kilometres. It springs forth amidst the ice of the Adamello and flows into the Chiese River, passing through the Bissina dam that hosts Speed Rock, the World Cup in speed climbing.


There is no doubt about the charm of the Daone Valley waterfalls during the summer, but it is also appealing in the winter when the waterfalls are actually transformed into a paradise for ice climbing enthusiasts.

Lakes and Alpine meadows

Along with its lush flora and fauna, this Trentino valley is dotted with quite a few Alpine lakes:
  • Lake Bissina and the Bissina Alpine meadow;
  • Lake Boazzo and the Boazzo Alpine meadow;
  • Lake Nero (or Lake Scuro), 2150 metres at the foot of Monte Bruffione;
  • Lake Campo (1944 m);
  • Lake Copidello (1968 m);
  • Lake Casinei (2060 m).

One of the most famous side valleys is the Fumo Valley that starts immediately after the Bissina dam.
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