A large treasure trove of natural and cultural biodiversity 

Due to the size of the protected territory, a new tool for the management of small areas of natural and cultural interest has been adopted: the Reserves Network (RR).

For this reason also the Valle del Chiese Reserves Network has been created next to the Biosphere in order to extend its borders.

A precious mosaic of nature and landscape, river and lake environments around the Chiese river and the Trentino shores of Lake Idro, mountain habitats with peatlands and alpine lakes, passing across meadows, chestnut groves and unique woodlands.

The territory stretches mainly along the valley floors (from Pieve di Bono to the Lake Idro) and on the lower slopes overlooking the main valley. To the northwest the area includes also mountain and ridge environments up to Mount Remà, 2376m high.

Fluvial and lacustrine ecosystems with grassy and woody vegetation are among the most interesting environments in the valley. On low and medium slopes there are meadows (and former croplands), chestnut groves, particular forests, with turkey oak, hornbeam, yew, durmast, broadleaf trees.

In the belt between medium slopes and mountain summits the most outstanding environments are peatlands and alpine lakes, as well as meadows and grazing areas more or less bushy.

The network was established in June 2017 and 6 Municipalities have joined in: Storo, Bondone, Borgo Chiese, Castel Condino, Pieve di Bono-Prezzo and Valdaone.

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