620 square kilometres of protected flora and fauna
The Adamello Brenta Natural Park extends to the Brenta group and the Adamello, two different areas that offer breathtaking views of both the Alps and the Brenta Dolomites.

While it is not a national park, the Adamello Brenta offers its visitors a wide variety of landscapes ranging from the wetlands of the river valley to the forests and the walls of the Brenta Dolomites.

These environments are graced with a flora and fauna that is among the most abundant in all of the Alps. In fact, here we can find the ibex and the brown bear along with rare species of flowers.

To get to know this area better beyond the excursions, the Adamello Brenta Natural Park has organised a series of Park Houses. These information centres give in-depth information on certain specific themes.
There are themes and trails dedicated to nature as well as the history of the area and its people.
Everything is quite modern with the use of display panels, videos, realistic reconstructions, interactive activities, dioramas, naturalised animals, books and multimedia games.

Would you like to learn more about them?
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