Trout and Char

Chiese Valley, ideal habitat

Chiese Valley is the home of the char, considered the "King" of freshwater fish.
Raised in the fresh stream waters, this Alpine char is then preserved using artisanal methods, by adding salt and sugar. This treatment maintains the delicacy of its lean meat, which is intensified by smoking with fine woods.


In the rivers and streams of the Chiese Valley we also find mountain trout. These fish, which take 4 to 10 months more to reach ideal size compared to those found in the plains, are of much better quality. In fact, their meat is more consistent, more flavourful and leaner.
Trout is also a perfect food for those who are watching their figure or trying to eat healthier. It is easily digested and full of both protein and mineral salts but has a low percentage of cholesterol.

The "smoked" alternatives to salmon

In the Chiese Valley, trout and char preserving follows the classic traditional and artisanal procedure. They are sent to the workshop where they are filleted and smoked (with sweet wood smoke).
These traditional Trentino products are paired splendidly with slightly aromatic and dry white wines or Trentino sparkling wines.
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