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Storo yellow flour is definitely among the most well-known traditional products of the Trentino region. It is used to make the equally well-known Storo Polenta.

Storo yellow flour is produced from "Marano" grain that is grown without forcing, respecting the cycles of nature, and then ground in the Storo mill.
Storo flour is easily recognisable by its colour, which comes from the colour of the kernels that are reddish and easily digested.

Storo yellow flour is not only used for the classic polenta dishes like Carbonera, Macafana and Concia; it is also used for flavourful starters and desserts.

Perhaps less renowned, but certainly not less refined than its yellow counterpart, Storo White Flour is an Italian type-1 soft-wheat flour gained from stone-ground weak wheat, traditionally grown in the planes surrounding the town of Storo. The best quality of this particular variety of flour comes from its specific production process, which relies on the use of every grain component, including wheat germ and bran ‒ wheat’s most nutritious substances.  

The Gallette di Storo ‒ i.e. corn dry cakes from Storo, will bring to your table the real taste of Valle del Chiese. They are made of hot-pressed corn, with the simple addition of water and salt. Absolutely gluten-free, these gallette provide for the perfect snack when combined with a slice of local speck (dry-cured, lightly smoked ham) or a spoon of wild-berry jam

Every year in October the town of Storo plays host to the famous Festival della Polenta , a weekend-long celebration attracting eager tourists from every corner of the country to this beautiful municipality of Trentino. The Festival revolves around its five star-attractions :

* the Polenta carbonera, a rich and tasty main course, a single portion of which can fill even the hungriest of bellies; 

* the Polenta di patate ‒ a potato-based variety of polenta ‒ simple and plain, yet tasty and filling, especially thanks to the high quality of its ingredients; 

* the Polenta macafana, from a traditional single-course recipe invented in the town of Cimego. It is considered a “peasant dish”, featuring many local mountain ingredients such as butter and spressa (local cheese), served with a side portion of hand-picked chicory;  

* the Polenta cucia, a traditional farmer’s meal of polenta served with pasture butter and melted mountain cheese, able to titillate the most jaded of palates;  

* the Polenta delle Streghe ‒ lit. Witches’ polenta ‒ simply magical and definitely worth a try. 

Download our recipe book of the 5 Polentas of Valle del Chiese and test your cooking abilities!  

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