Spressa of Giudicarie DOP

from mountain dairy to table
One of the DOP Trentino cheeses is Spressa of Giudicarie.
This DOP cheese is especially characterised by its leanness and ageing.
In fact, it is a cheese with an intense flavour that brings the perfume of fresh grass and mountain flowers to the palate.

Spressa DOP of Giudicarie is aged from 8 to 12 months. To this day, it is still produced using artisanal methods.

Low-fat cheese;
Raw material: cow's milk;
Ingredients: milk cultures, rennet, salt;
Appearance: compact with a pale straw colour and scattered small to medium sized holes;
Shape: cylindrical with a diameter of 30-35 cm, height about 8-11 cm;
Weight: varies from 08 to 10 kg;
Rind: Irregular, elastic;
Ageing: young after 3 months, old after 8 months;
Flavour: sweet, savoury and distinctive.
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