Other traditional products

Other small specialities of the Chiese Valley
The traditional Trentino dishes in the Chiese Valley also include products such as Orso radicchio, Darzo chestnuts, mushrooms and honey.

Orso radicchio (Alpine sow-thistle)
Orso radicchio (Alpine sow-thistle) is similar to asparagus and green and pink in colour. This plant grows at high altitude in the Chiese Valley pastures. 

Darzo chestnuts
Chestnuts are an ancient plant with highly sought after fruit that only grows and produces in a few areas in the Chiese Valley, particularly in the Darzo forests.
These chestnuts are of the “marron” variety and compared to other chestnuts are finer grained with a very sweet flavour and higher quality pulp.

Speck has a particular flavour and unmistakeable fragrance. It is the result of an absolutely natural preserving process that dates back to ancient times.
A sheer and delicate vein of smoking is added, bringing to mind warm and welcoming fireplaces during the cold winter months.  

In a typical Alpine valley like the Chiese Valley, mountain honey is sure to be found. With the large variety of plants and flowers found here you can choose from many flavours of honey including millefiori, acacia, elderberry, dandelion, rhododendron, chestnut and many others.

The Chiese Valley is a paradise for mycology enthusiasts. In fact, it has many species of mushrooms such as porcini, chanterelles and parasol mushrooms. 

Small fruit
The Chiese Valley is also the world of small fruit.
The woodlands in this Trentino valley hold a hidden world of bright colours, delicate fragrances and rich flavours. It is full of raspberries, blueberries, currants and blackberries that can become the main ingredients of traditional recipes such as sweets, fruit cakes, fruit salads, ice cream, smoothies or jams.
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