Santa Maria Assunta and Santa Giustina Parish

testimony of a secular religious tradition
Denoting a secular religious tradition in the Valle del Chiese are the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta in Condino and the Parish of Santa Giustina in Pieve di Bono.

Santa Maria Assunta Parish in Condino.

The church of Santa Maria Assunta is an authentic, local Renaissance jewel.
Over the course of the centuries, this church has seen a succession of artistic embellishments by over 32 artists.
Steeped in the Lombard Gothic style and renovated in the Renaissance, the church of Santa Maria Assunta, which is accessed through a large stone portal, hosts sixteenth century votive frescoes, furniture, silverware and wooden altars.

Santa Giustina Parish in Pieve di Bono.

Characterising Santa Giustina Parish in Pieve di Bono is above all the apse of the old church, entirely decorated with frescoes according to the Giotto Gothic models mediated by Venetian painters in the 1300s and 1400s.
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