Rio Caino Ethnographic Trail

Rio Caino, a 4 kilometre ethnographic trail is also an outdoor museum that tells the story of a peasant culture and its ancient crafts

This voyage into the roots of Valle del Chiese takes you where ingenuity and craftsmanship merge. It is a natural book that tells the story of these Trentino valleys.

The force of the water moves the blacksmith forges or the furnaces for producing lime.
The water still moves the old forge with hammers where you can see the blacksmiths forging and processing the iron.
The still operating millstones of the old mill demonstrate to visitors the process for milling wheat, oats and corn and for husking barley.
The old Venetian sawmill demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between the economy and the territory.

This place comes to life through the stories and legends that blend in the alcove of Fra' Dolcino and Margaret or in the fairy tale garden of Witch Brigid, a true botanical jewel that holds various medicinal herbs used by the witch who actually lived in Cimego around 1470.

This is a path for everyone. Today it is still easy to come across roe and deer here, accompanied by the singing of robins and cuckoos while hiking and taking a walk.
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