Marascalchi House and Bonus House

With a steady image of peasant life, two buildings demonstrate the uses and customs of the Valle del Chiese. They are Marascalchi House in Cimego and Bonus House in Bondo.

Maraschalchi House - Museum of Peasant life

Marascalchi House is a true museum of peasant life allowing the rediscovery of the roots of the inhabitants of this Trentino valley. 
This house, located in the historic centre of Cimego, was restored and opened to the public and continues to echo the rhythms of the past.

It is a "voyage through time" that starts in the kitchen, with its old open hearth and more recent economical kitchen. It then passes through the workshop that holds both the carpenter's bench and all the equipment needed for routine maintenance of the house as well as tools for work.
Rounding out this exhibition are, on the first floor, the bedrooms followed by the room for breeding silkworms and weaving and, on the second floor, a large open space where wood, faggots, straw, hay and grain were hauled using a pulley

Bonus House - Small Museum of Peasant Life

Bonus House located in the historic centre of Bondo, is a museum dedicated to peasant art that houses over 300 tools used in "peasant houses in the beginning of the 1900s".
This museum also offers a unique opportunity to those interested in languages and dialects: each name, in fact, is given in both dialects!

Would you like a few examples?

'l casinèl (the place for preparing butter and cheese),
la cusina/la cucina (the kitchen),
‘l reòlt/la cantina (cellar),
la stala/la stalla (the stable),
la camera/la stanza da letto (bedroom),
l'èra/l'aia (the part of the house used to store wagons and farm tools).


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