Fort Larino and Fort Corno

Fort Larino and Fort Corno: two of the 5 structures that, during the First World War, traced the Lardaro blockade line.

Two forts, the first in Lardaro and the second on Fort Corno in Praso, which although united with a single objective, highlight completely different architectures and sections.

Forts, trenches and muletracks evoke the memory of the Trentino Great War and through their connections they are testimony to Austrian military genius.

First World War Forts

Fort Larino
Still in excellent condition, Fort Larino stands on a spur that descends from the Doss dei Morti.

Forte Corno
Fort Corno is a structure of great value in military architecture. Its three swivelling armoured domes, armed with 100 mm howitzers are some of its astounding features.

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