Valle del Chiese, a borderland, a land of transit and a warning for the future
Valle del Chiese and especially its mountains are still witnesses to ones of its most distinctive traits of being a borderland. One of the events that clearly showed this was the Great Adamellina War, also known as the White War.

The Trentino Great War memorabilia and artefacts from the First World War, trenches, communication trenches, huts and cableways provide insight into the Great War, especially for the Great War Centennial.

The borderland characteristic is also reflected in many other aspects that can be discovered through various structures such as the Marascalchi house Museum, for example, that with a series of vintage photos manages to revisit important moments of country life with its ploughs, shovels, sieves and containers to gather corn.

There are more than just photos available to bring us closer to the past in Valle del Chiese, there are also laboratories and exhibitions that bring to light the ancient crafts of blacksmithing and the Venetian sawmills like those in Rio Caino.

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