An in-depth view of Valle del Chiese

Valle del Chiese, crossed by the Chiese River is one of the Trentino valleys and, in just a few kilometres, lets you pass from the banks of Lake Idro to the peaks of Daone Valley and Fumo Valley.

This fantastic world is comprised of forests, waterfalls, cabins and Alpine meadows and its value as a whole is promoted by the Valle del Chiese Tourist Consortium.

This territory extends from 200 to 3,400 metres above sea level and encompasses many different types of environments ranging from cultivated fields and a rural atmosphere to the eternal ice of the Adamello and the crystal clear waters of Lake Idro.

In short, this Trentino valley is able to convey authenticity through its people, traditional products, lush nature and emotions.

To this day, this land tells the tale of agriculture, rural products, war and work.
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